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Pros: Bottom line: If you're only concerned about the quality of your shave, this razor is a great buy. The weight and adjustable head make for an extremely easy shave, even if you have several days worth of growth. It's got a lot of heft, so it's really easy to let the razor do the work.
Cons: But man is this thing ugly. It's also gigantic. It's great for lads with big hands, but for the rest of us, it'll probably feel like shaving with a broadsword.

In-Depth Merkur Futur Review:

It’s really tough to do a Merkur Futur review. It’s such a mixed bag. More importantly, I really want to love it. I mean, if you can control it, this thing shaves like a dream. It has no problem shaving two, three or even four days’ worth of growth. The Merkur Futur burns through stubble like a friggin riding lawnmower. But the design definitely leaves something to be desired. Some people love it, and some people hate it. At the very least, it’s different. Now, let’s get into some of the details.

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The elephant in the room…

Merkur Future reviewLet’s talk about the elephant in the room: the size and design. I really hate to lead the review with a big fat negative, but it just has to be said. The Futur is one of the biggest razors out there. I believe it’s the second biggest next to the Merkur Vision (but correct me if I’m wrong!). Now, part of finding the right razor for you is finding the right size for your hands. And a lot of the reason I’m not a fan of this razor is that it’s just way too big for me. However, I understand that it may be perfect for bigger guys with bigger hands. I totally get that. I also understand my review is a little biased because I’m an average-sized guy with average-sized hands reviewing a razor made for, like, Paul Bunyan or something. So take what I have to say here with a grain of salt.

Still, shaving with this razor is like shaving with a baseball bat. When shaving with a normal-sized razor, I usually grip with my thumb and three or four fingers – almost like a pencil. I find it gives me a lot of control and a lighter touch. That’s impossible with the Merkur Futur. You pretty much have to hold this thing like you’d hold a beer. And, because you have to kung-fu-grip it, it makes it hard to really let the razor do its thing. And it’s certainly more difficult to get the angles you need to shave without cutting yourself.

Long story short, it’s really big. There are lots of great things about this razor, but unless you’re a really big guy, you might consider passing on it for that reason alone.

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On to some good news: the shave!

Now that the size thing is out of the way, let’s talk about the shave, which is truly extra ordinary. First, the weight of the razor is 4.8 ounces. That’s pretty heavy as far as razors go. It also means that you shouldn’t really have to pull at all; the razor will do most of the work for you.

It also features a fully adjustable head. So, there are six different settings on the head. The higher you go, the more blade is exposed. So you can really control how aggressive you want your shave to be. If you want to take full advantage of this beast of a razor and shave after you’ve got a couple days’ worth of growth, we recommend starting on a high setting and gradually reducing the setting with each pass. Everyone’s face is different, of course, but when you find the setting’s that work for you, you should be able to get a very, very close shave.

However, like I mentioned above, the razor is just so big, it can be hard to handle. It’s more or less like a light saber: not everyone was born to shave with this razor, but if you can wield it, it can cut through pretty much anything.

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The Design

  • Type: 2-piece, adjustable DE razor with snap-on cap
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Comb: Closed
  • Features: Adjustable head with 6 razor settings

The design is also a mixed bag. Aesthetically, it’s one of the ugliest razors I’ve ever seen. Functionally, though, it’s an engineering masterpiece. And ergonomically, it’s pretty mediocre. So, like with everything else, the Merkur Futur is all over the map.

  • Aesthetics. We’ve said this many times: shaving is an experience. And a major part of that experience is style. Stuff like looks and packaging and design really do matter. That’s why it’s such a shame the Merkur Futur is so ugly. It looks like a wrench or something. I’m not a fan.
  • Functionality. We covered most of this in the shaving section, but so many aspects of this design are just really great. Most notably, the adjustable settings are fantastic and make for a very close shave.
  • Ergonomics. Aside from just being big, the ergonomics are mostly unremarkable. The razor has a large, bulb-type handle, which is slightly awkward.

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So what’s the bottom line?

Whether or not we’d recommend the Merkur Futur mostly depends on what you want out of your shave. If you don’t care anything else besides getting the closest possible shave, and you’re a pretty big dude, we would definitely recommend you give this razor a whirl.

However, if you’re like me, and you put a lot of stock into the experience of shaving, you may want to hold out for something else. Even if you’re a big guy, there are plenty of other razors out there. For example, Merkur makes an excellent long-handled razor that works just as well and doesn’t look as much like a tire jack.

So what’s the absolute bottom line? The Merkur Futur is ugly, but it gives a damn good shave.

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