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Beard Grooming Tips for Beginners

I’ve made quite a few friends in the industry in the past year or so, and when they ask me to write stuff for their blogs, about 50% of the time, they ask me to write a beard grooming guide for beginners. So, I figured it was

How to Dress for Your Facial Hair

When we talk about facial hair, we always like to make the point that facial hair is part of a context, your overall style (more on this in our blog post on beard grooming tips for beginners). Part of that, of course, is trying to decide which

Goatee Styles Guide: Choosing the Best Goat for Your Grill

Ah, the goatee—the easiest facial hair style to screw up. If you do a beard wrong, it can make you look creepy. If you do your hair wrong, you can look totally unkempt. But a goatee can be much, much worse. If you choose the wrong goatee

The 11 Most Famous Handlebar Mustaches of All Time

The handlebar mustache is one of the classiest and most sophisticated facial hair styles of all time – provided, of course, you’ve got the right temperament and/or were born in the right time. While we may all like to throw on some mustache wax and tweak the

Beard Vitamins for Facial Hair Growth: Do They Work?

Can you use beard vitamins for facial hair growth? Truthfully, I had no idea, and I wanted to find out. So I reached out to Brandon from Grow a Beard NOW!, who runs a blog I’ve read once or twice and is a pretty trustworthy dude. I’m super interested in

Review of Wet Shave Club & Interview With the CEO: Rohan Gilkes

Hey guys. Perrin here. And today, I’m going to be reviewing something I’ve wanted to try for a while now: the Wet Shave Club. >> Psst… We’re having a contest to win free stuff from the Wet Shave Club << After seeing the success of similar companies,

Help Me Find the Best Beard Vitamins!

Like most men, if we can’t grow a beard, we wish we could – whether or not you think you’d look good in one, you still want to know you have the option, you know? Regardless of your ability to grow a beard, even the best of

Gillette Super Speed: An In-Depth Review

As we all know, vintage razors are the real deal – they’ve got that authentic touch of history that you’re looking for with safety razors, since they were actually made back when safety razors were a thing as opposed to those more artificial safety razors made now

C.O. Bigelow Shave Cream Reviewed

You know Bath & Body Works, right? That place in the mall you go to when your mom’s in town, or alternatively the place you go to get your mom a gift basket when you’re stumped for holiday ideas? Welp, that place isn’t all fragrances and moms

Male Face Shapes: What Kind of Beard Should You Grow?

One thing I’ve felt always gets ignored when people try to figure out what their facial hair should look like is the shape of their face. Like it or not, we don’t all look like Brad Pitt – and so much the better, since there are handsome